Customised Home Theatre

Customised Home Theatre

If you’re looking for a custom Home Theatre installation system or customised Home Theatre, you have a lot of decisions ahead of you, let Digital Installs do it all for you, we’ll go over all the components that make up a Home Theatre system with you in a simple and easy way to understand.

Connecting up all your components to a Home Theatre installation system can be quite a challenging task. As complicated as it may all seem, we can help you transform your spare room or living room into a full cinema room where family and friends will always love to congregate.

Our passionate team of audio experts are fully licensed and have years of experience in advanced customised Home Theatre setup. At the end of the installation we will sit down with you and explain how it all works including 5 years warranty.

TV and Projectors are also one of the most important part of the Home Theatre room.

TVs vs. Projectors: If your looking for a standard Home Theatre room, TV is the choice. TVs are typically easier to set up, with an average size from 55” to 90” screen. For a full cinema room, projector is a must as projector screens can stretch up to 300 inches and can give you the look and feel of a real movie theatre room.

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