Projector Installations

Projector Installations

Digital Installs Pty Ltd can supply and install any Audio/Visual system you require. Our specialist solutions and staff encompass the skill and expertise to handle a room of any size, ranging from small classrooms through to large halls or theatres. Digital Installs Pty Ltd installation services include: projectors, connections, sound, media players and projector screens of all sizes.

Projector Mounts

We can offer you a full range of universal projector mounts. Our mounts are fully guaranteed and are available in adjustable pole, fixed universal mount and standard motorised above ceiling mount. They come in different sizes, drop down as little as 3 inch to as long as 7 feet.

Projector Screen

Projector Screens

When you are planning to get a screen for your projector to watch movies or give a presentation, there is a lot of consideration that will come into mind. Screen resolution and size is the most significant criteria. Our technicians can advise you on the best possible screen for your home entertainment or office room.

We have a full range of fixed screens, manual screens and motorised screens to suit practically any office or home. Screens available include 4:3, 16:9 and 16:10 aspect ratio.

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