TV Wall Mounting

TV Wall Mounting

Digital Installs provides you with a TV wall mounting service that you can rely upon. We are based in Sydney – Australia and bring more than 20 years of experience to your home or office in the form of a reliable and friendly service.

Our trained installers at Digital Installs have years of experience in mounting, we can mount any TV on any wall or through the ceiling. We thoroughly evaluate your install site and ensure your TV mounting is properly secured. We test your bracket, align and mount the TV based on your seating position. We specialise in wire concealment providing minimalist look without the clutter of cables everywhere.

Not sure which bracket you need? Digital Installs can provide you with a TV wall mount bracket to fit any screen, we can supply you with a fixed wall mount TV bracket, tilt wall mount bracket, swivel arm wall mount or a low profile slimline wall mount bracket.

Upon installing your new TV we calibrate the menu settings to ensure the best optimal video based on your rooms lighting conditions. We show you how to work your new TV and clean up the installation area and provide you with 5 years warranty.

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