Soundbar Wall Mounting

Soundbar Wall Mounting

Efficient and Top Rated Soundbar Wall Mounting Service

Nowadays, people are increasingly preferring to purchase soundbars rather than big sound systems which takes up a lot of space. Soundbars can be kept on a table or mounted on a wall and it takes up a lot less space. It has a sleek shape and outlook which makes them more elegant with the interiors of a modern living room.

Are thinking of purchasing a soundbar and you are confused about its perfect installation? If yes, the soundbar wall mounting service at Digital Installs is going to be your perfect solution. Our team of expert technicians will carry out the overall installation process with great care and efficiency.

Identifying the best position

Our skilled technician team at Digital Installs during the service process will first decide upon the best suitable position to wall mount your soundbar. This is the first and the most important task in the overall installation process.

You can decide to wall mount the soundbar either below or above your TV. As per our recommendations, the most preferable position of wall mounting a soundbar is just below your TV from a technical as well as aesthetic point of view. However, if placing the soundbar below the TV is not possible due to any object creating hindrance, then you can choose the next best position which is on top of the TV.

Advantages of Wall Mounting Soundbar below the TV

Wall mounting a soundbar below the TV will allow the sound waves from the speakers to travel directly towards the listener. The waves are also perpendicular which helps you to feel the best quality sound experience. Additionally, having the soundbar placed close to the TV ensures that there is no sound lag, which can dampen the experience of the listener.

Other than this, having the soundbar placed just below your television enables you to control it very easily using the remote or your smartphone. In case, you have the soundbar on top of the TV, you need to raise your hands so that the infrared signal from your remote is captured.

Your trusted Mounting Service

At Digital Installs, we have a team of experienced and qualified technicians who will provide you with the best quality soundbar wall mounting service. We are capable of placing the soundbar on the wall in a way in which wires will not be visible from the outside. Our technicians carry out this service according to your needs and requirements and leave you without any headaches.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact Digital Installs and let our technician handle the overall process of soundbar wall mounting and installation smoothly.

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