What is a Home Theatre ?

Home Theatre is more than just watching TV at home. Its bringing a cinematic experience into your loungeroom, making your favourite movies, music and sporting event come alive like never before.

The centre piece of any Home Theatre is the Television. It can range from one of the latest 4K Ultra High Definition smart TV screens to a wall size Projector screen.

The crispness and clarity of the images will make you feel as though you are experiencing what is on the screen.

To truly complete the theatre experience you will need a surround sound system. Surround sound usually consists of 5 or 7 speakers and a subwoofer. The speakers are positioned around the room to mimic the positions of sounds on your screen, giving you a realistic experience.

The subwoofer is a large centrally positioned speaker that provides the deep rich bass sounds you would hear when an explosion rips across the screen in your favourite action movie.

The amplifier is also an important part of your sound system. It processes the sound and distributes it to your speakers. You can’t have a good sound system without a good quality amplifier. One important consideration is to have an amplifier that can interface with the rest of your home theatre equipment.

Also Blu-ray and UHD is the name of the next generation DVD players, developed by the Blu-ray disc association (BDA), a group of the world’s leading consumer electronics such as Sony, Samsung and Sharp to name a few. The format was developed to enable recording and playback of High Definition video.

Blu-ray discs and UHD discs produce incredibly sharp picture and vivid colours in HD and amazing surround sound. It also offers 5 times the amount of detail compared to standard definition discs.

Expert Installation

As with any expensive technical equipment, professional installation takes the stress and worry out of your set up and ensures you get the maximum performance from your Home Theatre System.

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