July 9th


A soundbar is a special type of an enclosed loudspeaker that generates a stereo effect from a single cabinet. It features an oblong shape while its width is wider and slim lengthwise. This makes it convenient to easily mount the speaker unit on the wall below your TV or flat on a stand in front of your TV unit.

With today’s technology, many UHD TVs and smart TVs have shrunk speaker spaces. Thus, the inbuilt speakers are smaller and lack good quality audio.

The soundbar is more advanced with effective surround sound. It is easy to set up and economizes on space since there are few connecting wires involved.


The Working Principle of a Soundbar

Soundbars are designed to produce “psycho-acoustic” effects which makes the sound bounce off the walls. They utilize clever vibrations technology to create virtual surround sound. For this reason, a one channel soundbar outweighs the sound effects of multiple speakers.

Normally, a soundbar unit integrates seven speakers in one cabinet. Three speakers are strategically placed in the front, one on the left, centre, and right. At the back of the sound system, it can feature two to four wireless sound speakers, which together create the surround effects. A three channel soundbar serves as a substitute for the three front speakers. However, you must incorporate the rear speakers for optimized sound. With a five channel soundbar, you can take full advantage of the Home Theatre sound.

Mounting the Soundbar

Mounting a surround sound system can be a daunting experience, especially when many tangled wires get hectic to connect. However, soundbars are very simple to mount and they are high-quality sound devices that are contending unimaginably for their space in the market today. It is time you enhance your movies and show times with the supreme quality sound.

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